A merry little idea...

One year ago I decided to take on the adventure of opening a park inspired shirt shop.

Browsing other small shops that revolved around my home away from home brought so much joy to me that I thought I would try my hand at using my hobby of graphic design to create products that I could show off around the parks as well. 

Well...I gave up. 

As much as I wanted my store to work out, I gave up. I didn't know how to manage a shop on my own (even though here I am on my own once more), I didn't understand how to reach my Disney Parks loving community to build an audience for my products. Not to mention the company I was outsourcing from to make my products didn't seem to live up to the quality that I imagined my products being.

Here I am in 2019, wanting to give this small shop thing another chance. I'm still just me, I still don't have a large following of Instagram followers or blog subscribers, and I still don't have the time, money, or space to supply my own warehouse of shirts, hats, and whatever else it is I'll end up wanting to sell. But you know what I do have this time? Determination to make this what I want it to be.

That being said, welcome to Merry Little Trading Co, my new brain child, my new dream that I can hopefully make a reality. I can't wait to start pumping out designs that you all can wear proudly in whatever park it is you call home.